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Since 2014, Ruthiebelle has been creating innovative products that are gentle on both the environment and the body.

About the company

Ruthiebelle believes that no one should suffer for the sake of beauty. Ruthiebelle products are created using innovative methods and medical-grade ingredients that are gentle on the planet and our bodies. All products are created by the best cosmetic chemists from sustainable ingredients ethically sourced in the European Union. Ruthiebelle has been a customer of Lumav since 2020.

Goldtime is a retail and wholesale company, whose mission is to create trends and keep traditions, their product range mainly consists of jewellery and watches
Klick is a retail chain of home electronics and digital goods operating in Estonia since 1996.
Decora Lumav
Decora vuodesta 1993 rakennustavaroiden ja kodin sisustukseen erikoistunut jälleenmyyjä ja tukkuliike
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Lumav - Magento kumppani

Magento sertifioituneena kumppanina tarjamme asiakkaillemme parhaimmat ratkaisut kasvuun.